Musician, curator and audiovisial artist Ladislav Železný (1979) was born in Jindřichův Hradec and currently lives in Prague. He graduated from the Secondary Art School of Ceramics, intermedia school PaedDr. Jan Svoboda, Faculty of Fine Arts – Technical University in Brno in video and multimedia department with Keiko Sei (1998-2001), Peter Rónai (2001-2003) and Richard Fajnor (2003-2004). He worked as an assistant for audio applications at the Faculty of Fine Arts Brno, an external educator for Audio technology at the same faculty and currently works for the Czech Radio as a sound and music director in the realization of radio dramas, documentaries and special projects. Since 2008 he collaborates on the project rAdioCUSTICA ( His work concentrates on sound art, listening, soundscapes, gathering sound, sound footage, sound specific and handmade musical instruments. In 2011, he became one of the ten finalists of the project “Europe – a sound panorama” at ZKM. He created sound and music compositions for short films (Monoskop No.3 – 2011, Monkey King – 2010), radio plays (Enigma Emmy Goring – 2010 Pro patria mori – 2014 Love and Money – 2015). During the years 2006-11 musically contributed to projects for non-verbal theater and contemporary dance (Extraction, Vrstvení, Iné ráno, Intenzita neviditelného). Creates sound installations (Head Against The Wall – 2012, Tabula rasa – 2016), radiophonic and acousmatic composition (Before During After – 2007, NOISE – 2012, 220 sound layers in five minutes – 2011, ZERO – 2014). Occasionally performs common audio performance (Skupina C, Skupina B, Naru Tigama, OEM arts). In the past, member of Auvid and Lemurie TAZ.

exhibition, festivals, projects

– Objectually Speaking, Gallery Futura (CZ)
– Meanders and Sediments – Acoustic teamWorks – Kunstradio (AT)

– UnderGrant, project for Art’s Birthday Party 2006
– Multiplace 2006 – A4 zero space in Bratislava (SK)
– Extraction – music for nonverbal theater, choreography Pierre Nadaud Ponec (CZ)

–, Ultrahang Festival (HU)
– Sampler # 4 music magazine HisVoice, track Either silence (CZ)
– Radiophonic 2007, the radioactive Radiophonic Radio Network (BE)
– end of netradio projekt LEMURIE T.A.Z. and colaboration with RADIA.FM

– Before During After, sound memory composition for Czech radio
– “looking for layering” pieces, interactive sound design for non-verbal performances, choreography   Olga Škochová-Bláhová (theatre Alfred ve dvoře, CZ)
– Other mornings, music composition for the dance theatre, choreography Pierre Nadaud; Dance       Studio, Banská Bistrica, SK

2009 – reconstruction of a flat

– Monkey King, music and sound composition for intermedia installation (Expo 2010, CHN)
– Prix Bohemia Radio, a national award in the category radioART (ex equo Pavel Novotny)

– Concert in the dark,  Alta – Hall 30, Prague
– Monoskop No.3, music composition for the Martin Buril short film / PAF Olomouc
– 220 Sound layers in five minutes, soundscape for the project “Europe – a sound panorama”,      Deutschlandradio Kultur and GoetheInstitut Belgrade
– Intesity of Invisible, music for dance theatre, Institute of Intermedia,  Prague

– SONic situation, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, concert with Michal Rataj
– NOISE, radiophonic composition, text/concept by Hana Železná, Radioatelier / ČRo 3 – Vltava
– Head against the wall, interactive instalation for J. Cage anniversary exhibition, Bludný Kámen,       Opava CZ

– Spectral Shapes, combined concert, NoD, Praha; release of new Michal Rataj’s CD
– wakushoppu . NARU TIGAMA impravosation sound performance, Kafé v Lese, Praha
– OSMOSIS,  multichannel sound installation curated by M. Vojtěchovský and Daniel Vlček,       MeetFactory, Praha
– ECHOFLUXX festival, OEM arts soundperformance, gallery Trafačka
– T—O! collaborative exhibition 2+1 gallery 

– ZERO – radio premiere HRTV (HR)
– ZERO CD release, lable AUDIOmat (PL)
– live sound performance, PostMutArt festival, Nitra (SK)

– live sound performance, Industra (Brno), Školská 28 (Praha)
– interactive sound device for the book VS. Interpretation (published by Agosto foundation and    studio Pixl-e)

– Nástrojáři / The Instrument maker (collaborative exhibition, školska28 gallery, thanks to Michal    Cáb)
– TABULA RASA, sound installation (Vs. Interpretation, fcca Prague, Sound City Days – Kotolňa Košice, IGLOO – OGV Jihlava)
– live sound performance / Ružomberok
– Imaginary Soundscape, sound installation / Praha v Brně, Exposition of new Music Brno

– CIELO (solo improvisation for electroacoustic transducer, violoncello and sound score) Ružombero Sound City Days 2016, 26.3.2017
– HRANAVANA (sound performance for bathtub and water, In occasion of the end of Martin Zet’s    residence at INI Gallery 3.5.2017)
– Znějící, resonující, vibrující / Tabula Rasa instalation, Bludný kámen exihibition, Gallery DOLE    Ostrava
– Po Pás #02 / moving theatre impro session / Lucia Kašiarová, Margozata Haduch, Jan Beneš,    CreWcollective @ Studio ALTA , Prague
– Festival 7853 / CIELO solo performance , depp underground in Centre of Experimental Geotechnics / CTU,
  Soirée na Messestraße 11_vol. 4 / 

– Exhibition on STUDIO PRAM, sound instalation and performance
– house building :-)
– radio works, Prix Bohemia won drama cat. with adaptation Spalovač mrtvol
– Prague Imrpovisation Orchestra (double LP release – recording, editing, postproduction)

– Ředení soust (collective exibition in GAMPA, E.P, L.K., D.H., I.M)
– Akusmatická performance v křoví (festival Hluková mysteria 2019, Ostrava)
– Adamčiakovi grafické partitury a ansambl Mi-65 (Dano Matej, festival JAMA, Banska Štiavnica)
– Hra na uši – music (Karl Sczuka Preise 2019, Förderpreis)
– Oči v sloup (Music structures for theatre performance, Jiří Adáme & col., Studio Hrdinů)

Pedagogical activity
2005 – introduction to the netart / AMU (cz)
2005 – 2008 Audio technology and Sound design, FaVU VUT Brno
2006 – Sound Food workshop – secret of sound eating  / multiplace (sk)
2007 – netRadio – How to do netradio / Universal space NoD (cz)
2007 – Radio is not death – workshop / Letné dielně (sk)
2008 – AUDIO IN-OUT – workshop / JAMU, FaVU, Masarykova univerzita (cz)
2012 – Radio Creations, FAMU (cz)
2014 – Acoustic art in Czech Radio, FF UKF Nitra (SK)
2015 – Introduction to new history of czech radio art (JAMU)
2015/16 – Basics of electroacoustic music creation (HAMU)

1994-97 SPŠ Ceramic high school Bechyně
1995-98 Intermedia school PaedDr. Jana Svobody / Klášter Bechyně
1997 – 2004 Faculty of fine arts VUT Brno (video a multimedia dept., BcA. Keiko Sei, and intermedia dept. Prof. Peter Rónai, Mgr. Richard Fajnor) 

technical assistant for sound applications, FaVU VUT Brno
external educator, FaVU VUT Brno
sound and music director , drama dept. Czech Radio
producer and curator, Czech Radio

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